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Qualcomm: Android phones to get ‘lucky number’ Snapdragon 888 chip

Qualcomm has branded its next flagship chip for Android smartphones with a number lucky in Chinese tradition. It says the Snapdragon 888 will let handsets take high-resolution photos faster than before and perform AI-related tasks more efficiently. Devices powered by...


Bitcoin peaks at record high close to $20,000

Bitcoin has traded at its highest value to date, reaching $19,920.53 (£14,821) according to data-provider Coindesk. It took the virtual currency nearly three years to top its previous record, when it peaked about $137 lower. Bitcoin has risen in value...


Vietnam: Facebook and Google ‘complicit’ in censorship

Facebook and Google have aided the Vietnamese government in censoring criticism and repressing dissent, says rights group Amnesty. In a new report, the group accuses the tech giants of "far-reaching complicity" by blocking content deemed critical of authorities. Vietnam's authorities...

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