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Guide to Finding the Perfect Lipstick: 7 Types of Lipstick That Will Enhance Your Lips

Discover the perfect lipstick that will enhance your lips. For some, it’s impossible to go out without it and for others, it’s only reserved for special occasions. Lipstick is one of the great classics. In fact, it’s probably the product that comes to mind most quickly when it comes to makeup. Iconic product, on social networks the popularity of certain lipsticks is exploding, whether it is due to an excellent quality-price ratio or to their authentic shade or whether you’re in a natural or festive mood, lip products come in all shades and formulas, possible and imaginable.

Matte Lipstick

Unbeatable, the popularity of matte lipstick is no longer in question. Whether in grape or liquid form, they are often the lipsticks with the longest hold on the mouth and contrary to what one might think, they are not all drying to the lips.

The Lip Gloss

After spending years in the shadows, lip gloss made a comeback a few years ago. The glossy effect manages to conquer more and more followers, in particular thanks to this aspect of plump and luscious lips. Moreover, many brands add an instant plumping effect to their gloss to increase the “juicy lip” effect.

Lip Ink

For the past few months, lip tints have been buzzing on social networks and more particularly on TikTok. Ultra-pigmented and resistant to almost all situations, these are ideal formulas for this winter! Some are even imperceptible on the mouth and just provide an intense tint to enhance your lips.

The Lip Liner

Sometimes applying lipstick all over isn’t really necessary. Nevertheless, redrawing the outline of your mouth can be a major advantage to highlight it. In these cases, lip liner is the option to turn to. In a neutral shade close to the color of the lips for a natural effect or in a slightly darker shade for a luscious mouth effect.

The Lip Balm

You may not be a fan of textures that can be felt on the lips and intense colors, but that doesn’t mean your lips don’t deserve a little extra. The lip balm is tinted to bring a little color or neutral for an almost wet effect on the mouth, it is essential to have in your bag.

Lip Oil

The glossy effect may be what you are looking for, but the risk of ending up with a sticky effect on the mouth puts you off. Why not turn to lip oil? With its moisturizing properties, it is the ideal alternative to give yourself a luscious mouth appearance while taking care of it.

Green Lipstick

Those who are wondering about the making of this product, don’t worry, after mascaras, nail polishes and even foundations, brands are also interested in lipsticks on the composition side! While some clearly make a difference with their list of natural ingredients, others opt for refillable packaging.

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