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4 Colors of Ultra-Trendy Bags

Are you bored of lugging around your same old black bags year after year, without feeling any excitement or interest? Perhaps it’s time to switch things up and explore these colors that have the potential to transform your entire look. Without a reliable handbag, we would be at a loss. Our style would suffer immensely without this essential piece. A polished outfit isn’t just about wearing perfectly coordinated clothing. It also involves a plethora of elements such as bags, accessories, and jewelry that can elevate our appearance. However, we often find ourselves sticking to basic black or neutral-colored bags, which is a shame because we could experiment with so many different options. As a true fashionista, it’s important to challenge ourselves and push the boundaries of our personal style. To do this, we can try incorporating avant-garde colors into our handbag collection. Luckily, there are currently four trending colors that we can explore to achieve this goal.

The Red

The color of love, of course, the color of danger too, but recently, we have learned that red is the color of a woman who is strong, confident and full of vitality. It’s not for nothing that Rihanna was in total carmine look for the Super Bowl and yes, we will have to see red in 2023.


It is definitely the color of the coming spring. Blue is the color that reassures us the most and with a handbag in the color of the sky or the sea, we can only feel good. It will match perfectly with soft shades such as brown or beige.


Precisely, brown was the star color of autumn-winter. There are still a few weeks left to get one and ride the wave. Anyway, brown is quite timeless and then, a beautiful brown leather, it ages with great charm.

The Silver

For a touch of Sheila from the “Spacer” era or Jane Fonda in “Barbarella”, we fall in love with a silver handbag. Yes, the Space Age trend is at its peak right now. We imagine ourselves in a sixties outfit with an almost mirror bag to pay homage to Paco Rabanne. The dream!

This article was originally published on ELLE