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“Isabelle Wu Named Head Of U2P Hauts-De-France

At the head of Europ’Signal, a metallurgy company in the Somme, for 24 years, Isabelle Wu has been appointed president of the U2P des Hauts-de-France. She succeeds Luc Potterie.

Isabelle Wu, a dynamic and determined business leader, has been appointed to take over, carry the voice of local businesses in the region, defend their interests in a more than uncertain period with the energy and materials crisis. raw materials, but also debate and negotiate with political, economic and social players on major current issues such as pension reform.

Rich in an atypical career, Isabelle Wu has been formed over the years of her experiences as a volunteer, member and activist. The applicant has been running a metalworking business for nearly 25 years. “It takes a large production and investment capacity, but also a rigorous organization to carry out the new missions that I have accepted, as an elected member of the CMA of Hauts-de-France, labor court adviser in Amiens and, today, president of the U2P of Hauts-de-France. All this is possible thanks to my collaborators and the permanent staff of U2P, in whom I have full confidence and on whom I can count on a daily basis” declared Isabelle Wu.

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