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Pupils from the Düsseldorf fashion school design a campaign for a product by LVMH Dior

For the next semester, the Fashion Design Institute was able to win a big name as a cooperation partner: In an interdisciplinary project, students are developing a professional campaign that is to be presented at LVMH Dior Paris.

The Fashion Design Institute spares no effort for its students to provide new insights into the exciting world of fashion every semester. But it’s not just about fun and exclusive moments – the students should be given an impression of what their future work life will be like. There is always hard work behind all the glamour, as the professionals from the big fashion labels tell the students at the Fashion Design Institute every time they visit their studios. And in the coming semester, some of the fashion students will be able to get straight into practice, because the Fashion Design Institute is enabling them to carry out a very special project in cooperation with the world-famous label Christian Dior Perfumes.

The cooperation between the fashion design institute and Christian Dior perfumes

A visit to the Paris studio of Dior’s world label was one of the great highlights for the students at the Fashion Design Institute in the past. They found out directly on site how designs and collections are created and what practical everyday life looks like in such a renowned studio. During these visits, schoolchildren repeatedly use the opportunity to make initial contacts in the fashion world, which could possibly be the first step towards establishing your own network in the industry.

This semester, however, selected students of the Fashion Design Institute will have another, very special opportunity: A lecturer from Dior will be a guest in Düsseldorf and impart important knowledge about PR and marketing in the fashion industry to the students. However, she will not just leave it at theory: the newly acquired knowledge is to be implemented immediately by the students in an industry-related project, in which the students develop a professional campaign for a real Dior product. At the end of the semester, the best campaigns will then be selected and presented directly at LVMH Dior Paris.

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The Fashion Design Institute has the status of a state-approved, private supplementary school and offers training at the highest level. The direct connections of the Düsseldorf fashion school to the international fashion industry enable practical training, since the Fashion Design Institute can always orient itself to the current needs and standards of the industry. For the graduates of the Fashion Design Institute, this means that they can successfully start their careers immediately after graduating. The training at the Fashion Design Institute concludes with an examination, which, if successful, is documented with a diploma from the Fashion Design Institute. The Fashion Design Institute is the only German fashion school that ranks among the world’s best fashion training centers. The diploma from the Fashion Design Institute is therefore widely recognized nationally and internationally in the industry.

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