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What did Indians most search online in June?

CHENNAI: What were Indians searching online in June? Well, according to Google Search Trends “Patanjali corona medicine”, “Global vaccine summit” and “Dexamethasone” were all the top vaccine-related searches in June.
But coronavirus-centric searches in the month dropped 66% from May, but volumes remain more than double that of February.
The top trending coronavirus searches were coronavirus news and “vaccine for coronavirus latest update”. The virus has been most searched in Goa over the past month, followed by Delhi and Chandigarh.
Related searches for vaccines remained elevated at more than five times the usual monthly thresholds, after reaching a record monthly peak in May.
Sushant Singh Rajput was the most searched topic on June 14, on the day the actor died.
Meanwhile, brands too have caught on to the trend. Brands like Mother Dairy, Coca Cola, AV Organics (Evocus H2O) and Hamdard have added “immunity-boosting” beverages to their list.
According to a recent report named 'What is India searching for: Insights for Brands' by Google India, there has been a surge of 500% in searches related to healthy immunity boosting products.
Mother Dairy recently launched a butterscotch-flavoured haldi milk to help people boost immunity without compromising on the taste to promote general well-being in unprecedented times. Similarly, AV Organics is also hardselling its bRead More – Source