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Piers Morgan slams Harry and Meghan over ‘virtue-signalling’ Commonwealth message

PIERS MORGAN has hit out at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle after they claimed the Commonwealth “must acknowledge its past” when they joined the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust weekly video call.

Piers Morgan reacted to Prince Harry and Meghan Markles message on the Commonwealth on Good Morning Britain earlier today. The controversial host blasted the couple for stating the Commonwealth “must acknowledge its past” and argued the pair were “virtue-signalling” and their message had no real “substance”.

Piers and Daily Mail editor Andrew Pierce both blasted the pair for “lecturing the world” after stepping down from royal duties earlier this year.

Susanna Reid argued Meghans video in the wake of George Flyods death was powerful and Piers agreed.

But he argued that message was poignant because the Duchess of Sussex spoke from a place of her own experiences while slamming the couples latest message.

“They are powerful young leaders with a voice that they can use,” Susanna argued.

“Weve already seen Meghan do a video in the wake of the George Floyd killing and that actually had a huge impact.”

“Some people will say, I dont blame them for using their voices,’” she added.

Piers said: “I thought the difference there was when she talked about that, she talked from her own personal experience of the riots over Rodney King when she lived in LA.”

“I thought actually that had some relevance and pertinence,” he remarked.

“My issue with this video was it was all just noise, there was no substance to any of this.

“There was no, this is what we should do, it was just general virtue signalling.”

Earlier in the debate, Piers hit out at the pair for “lecturing” the public while they are in a “comfortable” position.

Piers said: “Trying to be fair but the idea of these two in their freebie Hollywood mansion continuing to lecture the world about how things should be.

“And this sort of irony of saying, Its time to be uncomfortable, well theyre the most comfortable people in the world.”

Later he added: “Theres a serious point to this, these two quit the royal family because they wanted to do their own thing in Hollywood.

“Thats fine, its their choice, their life but if theyre going to attack the Commonwealth and the Queen is the head of the Commonwealth…”

“Theyre picking a fight with the Queen,” Susanna interjected.

“Theyre picking a proper political fight and therefore they put themselves back in the news agenda,” Piers continued.

“Then what will happen is they’re going to get, in my view, rightly criticised for some of the things they’re saying here.

“They will then play the victim and say ‘how dare you criticise us’ and so the circus goes on.”