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Covid-19: Inventive social distancing around the world

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From unusual headwear to unique modes of transport, citizens across the world have turned to inventive means to go about their daily lives while still respecting social distancing rules.


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In Portugal, a nursing home is using a crane to allow families to visit loved ones confined within the building.

In Canada, one Ontario resident has invented a "hug glove" to embrace her mother on Mothers Day.

In India, a mechanic has invented a novel way to get around during the coronavirus crisis by building a motorbike where the passenger sits more than a metre away from the driver.

“I thought: How can I take my daughter to school when it re-opens, while maintaining social distancing on a bike?" Partha Saha told AFP.

“Thats when I was struck with this idea that I can extend a bike in such a way that my daughter can ride as a passenger, but more than one metre away from me.”

The hospitality sector has been particularly hard hit by the crisis.

With a view to soon reopening bars and restaurants, one Spanish entrepreneur has come up with the idea of using perspex partitions and temperature-checking cameras to keep customers safe.

A German bar, meanwhile, is using a less sophisticated method, offering customers hats fitted with swimming pool floats to maintain soRead More – Source