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Coronavirus: Golf industry sets three-stage plan to reopening US courses

MIAMI (AFP) – US golf industry leaders unveiled a three-stage plan on Tuesday (May 5) to reopen courses with safety protocols in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Almost all states permit or are set to allow golf courses to reopen with social distancing and other measures aimed at avoiding the spread of the deadly virus over more than 16,000 layouts.

The "Back2Golf" programme, supported by the PGA and LPGA Tours plus the US Golf Association and PGA of America, also has the backing of US course owners and superintendents and club managers.

"While we recognise there's no perfect solution and various areas of the country will progress in these phases at a different pace, it's imperative that we reopen golf in a way that prioritises the health and well-being of the entire golf community," PGA of America chief executive Seth Waugh said.

The stages follow guidelines for the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), including social distancing and greater sanitisation protocols, and allow for differing stages in different areas as city and state regulations allow activity.

Stage one allows for no more than 10 people in a single area, with players distancing from each other while walking or going solo in golf carts with those in vulnerable groups not participating.

Stage two would allow for up to 50 people in an area but players still distancing from one another and still no golfing for those in vulnerable groups such as being over 60 or with existing health conditions.

A restricted course set-up remains in place, going without rakes or removing flagsticks, with limited clubhouse activities and restrictions on leagues and events.

Stage three, dubbed "the new normal," would allow golf for vulnerable people provided they use social distance guidelines and other precautionary measures.

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