Property Brothers Star Drew Scott Reveals When He & Linda Phan Plan To Start Having Kids

Drew Scott has an audience in mind for his and Jonathans childrens books — their future kids! That led to a discussion about the Property Brothers stars family plans with wife Linda Phan in an exclusive interview with HollywoodLife.

HGTV fans have been begging the question since the grand wedding in May 2018: when will Drew Scott, 41, and his wife Linda Phan, 34, start filling their Los Angeles dream home with kids? Drew gave HollywoodLife a timeline on those family plans after we sat down with the Property Brothers star and his twin, Jonathan Scott, for an EXCLUSIVE interview at Cleo Restaurant in Hollywood. Off the bat, Drew announced that there are “no babies yet” — and hence, “no announcement yet.” That could change very soon. “But we definitely look forward to having kids someday soon,” Drew clarified, and elaborated on what exactly “soon” means.

“We look forward to having kids one day, soon more. Were not in a screaming rush,” Drew explained to HollywoodLife. Giving a more concrete number, he revealed, “I would love to have kids within the next couple of years.” And dont worry — you wont be left in the dark within those next two years. “We like to share with our fans because we almost feel like theyre an extended part of our family,” he continued. “We like to share moments of our own. And so for us, we will be letting all you guys know when were having kids.”

Drew already has reading material for his future brood after they arrive — his and Jonathans childrens book series, Builder Brothers! The baby conversation arose after the twins discussed the latest installment in this series, Builder Brothers: Better Together, which is now on sale. “We want to make sure that were writing books that we would want to read for our future kids,” Drew told HollywoodLife. Drew discussed how their HGTV show has already found a surprising viewership in younger fans, which led to his and Jonathans decision to add “childrens authors” to their resumes.

Drew and Jonathan Scott pose with their latest childrens pictur