A Pokémon themed bar is touring England

Food at the pop-up bar inspired by the Pokemon Bulbasaur, Pikachu and Charmander

Pokémon Go has already taken over your commute, ruined friendships and even caused fights in Surrey, of all places.

The next step in Pokémons inevitable march toward world domination is taking over Englands nightlife.

The Pokébar, a Pokémon themed pop up bar, is touring England in November and December.

Tickets come with a Pokémon themed burger and drink. Burgers include a Pikachu with tortilla chips for ears and a vegetarian Bulb burger, named after Bulbasaur.

After years of being the only animals that you could hunt but not eat, the Pokemons days appear to be numbered.

Why not take a date, or two? Gotta catch em all!

If they really like it, they might ask about your fave (Pokémon) moves. Play it cool and say Hold Hands or Protect. Dont say Hydropump, Horn Drill or Meteor Mash.



Cocktails include a Charizard Fireball, a Snorlax Blue Chill and an Ivysour.

Unfortunately they dont sell any Gyradosaronno or a G and T (Gastly and Torchic). Maybe next time.

Local DJs will perform sets and there are prizes for the best fancy dress.

The bar will visit London (7 December), Manchester (9 November), Birmingham (30 November) and Liverpool (16 November) for one night only in each.

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Pokémon has grown from the video games Red and Blue, released in 1996, into a worldwide phenomenon.

They are now the third most famous animals from Japan, after Shiba Inu dogs and harpooned whales.

A mew, sorry, new Pokémon game called Pokémon Masters was released last month.

A different pop-up bar came to London in May to celebrate the movie Detective Pikachu, which is still in cinemas.

A ticket for one person costs £35 at all of the sites except for London, where it costsRead More – Source