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Weird optical illusion makes models legs look scarily skinny

(Picture: Mansur Gavriel Instagram)

Designer Mansur Gavriel posted a photo of the new lambskin ballerina flat shoes on Instagram – and shoppers were horrified by the appearance of the models legs.

On first glance, the picture appears to show a woman with a horrifyingly thin leg – but in reality, it is just an optical illusion that causes that impression.

The issue is with what the model is wearing. The floaty, cream dress blends perfectly into the background of the photo, which makes it look as though her legs are a really strange shape.

But you probably need to look at the image for quite a while to figure it out.

If you look closely, you will notice that the models dress is skimming the heel of the shoes and covering up a significant portion of her legs – making her look painfully skinny.

Have you figured it out yet?

Skinny leg optical illusion
(Picture: Mansur Gavriel Instagram)

But not everyone realised what was really going on, and people commented on Instagram describing the image as horrifying.



This is the worst case of Photoshop Ive ever seen, one woman wrote.

This is a really unhealthy body image – delete! added another.

This picture has freaked me out like its from a horror movie scene, said another. I had to quickly come to the comments to unsee that scariness.

But unfortunately not everyone could unsee what they had seen originally. Lots of people tried to explain the optical illusion in the comments, but not everyone could get their heads around it.

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It took me so long to get what was going on here, and yet I have a feeling Im still going to have nightmares, wrote one woman.

Odd photo selection, someone else said. The dress should have been a different colour than the background so it didnt look like a weird leg or a photo shopped picture.

Well yes, that probably would have been a good idea, it certainly wouRead More – Source