Cheeky move! Frustrated MMA fighter pulls down opponent’s trunks during fight (VIDEO)

What do you do when you can't seem to force your opponent off you in an MMA fight? Pull down his trunks? Surely not. Well that's precisely what happened at the main event at KSW 47 – The X-Warriors in Poland at the weekend.

During the main event between Philip de Fries and Tomasz Narkun at KSW 47 – The X-Warriors at Atlas Arena in Lodz, Poland, the cheeky Narkun laying prone on the mat, became frustrated at his position and ended up grabbing whatever he could – which turned out to be his opponents shorts – from behind.

What happened next was one of the more bizarre and odd moments perhaps seen in an MMA match as Narkun slowly peeled down de Fries shorts to reveal his opponents bear behind.

Unsurprisingly, there was a wave of tweets poking fun at the two, some commented that it was "sweet" and "precious", andmany jokingly congratulating the pair and welcoming the focus on LGBT rights, claiming de Fries enjoyed the action and others just plain cracking up at the sheer weirdness.

You can tell he's been wanting to do that for awhile🤣 ..and dude likes it😂😂

— Ms.Twinklenugs☄ (@Pokemama91) March 24, 2019

If you look carefully he seems to be smiling as well 😂 wtf

— Fahim Bin Faruk (@mashfi14) Read More


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