Cleaning Up starring Sheridan Smith kicked off tonight and here are all the burning questions we have from episode 1

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Tonight we saw the first episode of Sheridan Smiths new drama Cleaning Up – and we were pretty impressed.

The six-part ITV series follows ordinary working class mum Sam (Sheridan), a cleaner in a fancy Canary Wharf stockbrokers office, teetering on the edge of becoming a full-blown insider trader.

This evenings instalment saw Sam, whos attempting to curb her gambling addiction while dealing with a divorce, stumble upon access to lucrative and illegal stock market information, throwing a heavy moral dilemma her way.

By the end of the episode she decided to take the plunge and record Blakes (Ben Bailey Smith) dodgy deals in a mission to get rich quick.

Cleaning Up started tonight (Picture: ITV)

How far will Sam take her insider trading?

Viewers already know Sams in very deep with her gambling addiction.

Shes whittled away thousands of pounds and her dependence was a factor in her losing ex-husband Dave (Matthew McNulty).



Now shes at rock bottom, just how far will she go to get money to fund her habit and pay off those ever mounting debts?

Will Blake get caught out by his colleagues?

Theres a reason Blake has been staying late at work – and its not to file those pesky spreadsheets.

Will his colleagues pick up on the fact hes been spending long nights in the office with nothing to show for it? Surely its only a matter of time…

How long until Blakes colleagues realise hes been slacking? (Picture: ITV)

What will Warren do if Sam doesnt pay up in time?

Warren made several threats to Sam throughout the episode, including unexpectedly turning up at her house.

She owes him big time and hes on her case (although promising to cough up by the end of the week probably wasnt a good start). Will he start making physical demands?

Will Sam and Dave work things out and get back together?

They both had their bad moments in their relationship and theres still a lot of feeling there.

Attending couples counselling seems like a good place to start, but will they forgive each other?

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Will Sam and Dave work things out? (Picture: ITV)

Will Viktor fire Sam before she gets in too deep?



Viktors been taking full advantage of his cleaners and has it in for Sam after he caught her fixing the stained carpet with a whiteboard pen.

Audiences have already seen the nasty boss deny Sam extra hours when she needed the money, and we reckon if he sees her put another foot wrong then shes out of the job.

Cleaning Up continues Wednesday at 9pm on ITV.

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