Emmerdale spoilers: Graham Foster dies in horror crash with Daz Spencer?

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Graham Foster was left fighting for his life at the end of tonights Emmerdale after Dazs potentially fatal decision to drive home drunk.

Daz Spencer received his lush new business car and went off to have lunch with his new boss Trish to celebrate, and Trish wanted to properly mark the occasion by sinking a few drinks and having a jolly time of it in the Woolpack. But when she realised she had left contracts that needed signing back at her house, she invited her new employee back to hers. Feeling a bit awkward about the situation but wanting to impress, Daz said yes. But during the taxi ride to hers he had an attack of conscience and said he couldnt go through with it, and mortally offended Trish revealed not only is she married, shes married to a woman, and kicked Daz out of the car.



Elsewhere, bully Leanna recruited Amelia and Noah to steal the car for a joy ride, bombing along the country lanes while filming videos for social media. But after being distracted by an angry Amelia pulling her hair, Leanna lost control and crashed the car into a field.

(PIcture: ITV)

Later, as a drunk Daz walked home he stumbled across the abandoned car and decided that after a quick sleep hed drive himself home. Bad move, very bad move. While still under the influence he was easily distracted when Noahs forgotten mobile began ringing, and as he leaned down to pick the phone up, there was a thud.

Dazs immediate thought was he hoped his car wasnt damaged, and he got out of the vehicle to inspect it. But as he did, he heard another motorist discover what hed hit – a person in desperate need of medical attention.

Daz legged it, leaving whoever hed hit lying bleeding in the road as someone else picked up the pieces, hoping hed got away with his heinous crime.

And as things came to a close we saw it was Graham whod bounced off the bonnet being wheeled into A&E unconscious and in a bad way. With blood all over his face and a sturdy neck brace on, Graham looked to have received a nasty head injury. Has Daz killed him and will he get away with it ? Is it Grahams karma for all hes done with Joe Tate? Who will get the blame?



Or will Graham come round and identify the culprit?

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