Wetherspoon adds a pigs in blankets pizza to its menu

Wetherspoons Is Selling A Festive Pigs In Blankets Pizza For Christmas Wetherspoons
(Picture: Wetherspoons)

Wetherspoon has added a pigs in blankets pizza to its menu and it sounds amazing.

The pizza is super festive, featuring sliced brie, cranberry sauce and pigs in blankets as well as rocket.

You can also get a side of pigs and blankets if you want to go all out.

Yes, it sounds incredibly sickly but Christmas is for indulging, right?

(Picture: Wetherspoons)

The pizza has 1,077 calories, and will be available until Christmas Eve.

A little while ago, we also announced that a company was looking to pay someone £500 to taste test pigs in blankets.

Yes, it sounds like the best job in the world. And we want it.

The Oast House in Manchester is looking for someone to taste test mini sausages wrapped in bacon.

The chosen candidate will be paid £500. Yes, £500 to eat sausages and bacon. Yum.

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The advert was listed on Airtasker and all you need to do to apply is share your best Christmas story.

The restaurant says: The applicant with the story that makes us laugh or cry the most will be given the chance to join us at the tasting session.

You have until 16 December to apply.

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