You can now order a Toby Carvery roast dinner online

Toby Carvery
(Picture: Facebook/Toby Carvery)

Theres nothing quite like a Toby Carvery.

It tastes of nostalgia, Sundays with the family, and slightly soggy Yorkshire puddings.

Now you bring that iconic taste right into your living room, as the chain launch a takeaway service, allowing you to order your favourite roast online

The seven-day service means roast dinners no longer have to be reserved for the weekend. Fancy some gammon on a Tuesday? Craving roast potatoes on a Thursday? No problem.

The only snag is that you have to pick it up yourself, but roast-enthusiasts will agree that its worth the effort.

Toby Carvery
(Picture: Facebook/Toby Carvery)

Make week night dinners great again with a selection of all your favourite trimmings. Mini pigs in blankets or glazed bacon belly bites would make the perfect starter for a self-professed carnivore.

And when it comes to the main course, you can pick from four different kinds of meat. Just like in the restaurant.

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Turkey, beef, gammon or pork, whatever you choose it will come complete with four kinds of steamed or roasted veg, gravy and the all-important Yorkshire pudding.

For vegetarians theres a broccoli and brie parcel, stuffed with mushrooms and finished with a creamy sauce.

Theres even a vegan option – roast mushroom and ale pie, with the option to add vegetarian gravy.

Toby Carvery
(Picture: Facebook/Toby Carvery)

One weird glitch is that customers arent allowed to choose which vegetables they want – they will just be randomly allocated four kinds of veg. Like it or lump it.

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But if you end up disappointed with your vegetables, just get stuck in to the dessert menu.

For chocolate fans theres the millionaire brownie or the chocolate and raspberry fondant. Or opt for the baked cheesecake with orange curd mousse.

The tracker tool on the website allows you to find your closest branch, then all you have to do is place your order and wait with bated breath for your weeknight meal of dreams.

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