Coronation Street spoilers: James Burrows reveals all as Ali Neeson becomes a killer

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Ali Neeson has always been a closed book with viewers not altogether sure what makes him tick and what exactly he is capable of. But the Coronation Street doctor has proven tonight that he will do anything to protect his family – as he caused the death of drug dealer Ronan by pulling out a stake that was lodged in his stomach. This led to him bledding to death but James Burrows, who plays the brooding GP, has insisted that his alter ego isnt a killer in the same mould as Pat Phelan.

He told metro.co.uk: Hes a doctor, hes a good lad and with a good upbringing. I think he had to make that decision to protect his family but the aftermath is haunting him – hes going through a lot of stuff and youll see it affect him emotionally. Its going to be a huge, emotional rollercoaster – well see him go through a whole process, its going to be a big one! When I got told the story, I understood it as a hard decision for him to make but he had to make that sacrifice.

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It wont just be Ali who is affected by this. James reckons it will knock Michelle for six – but she will also understand in time. He mused: I think it could be played both ways – she will probably freak out but deep down, as a person, she would understand and respect him in that way.

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But what about Ryan? Could Ali blame him for all of this?

James replied: I think so, yeah. Hes worked very hard to become a doctor – its taken him years. Its ruined him that hes been suspended so there will be a lot more conflict between him and Ryan and it will be interesting.

Hit play on our video to hear James also talk about filming the stunt, ponder who could be a love interest for Ali and discuss who he wants to film more scenes with in the show.

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