Attention, chocolate lovers: A giant Jaffa Cake cheesecake exists

(Picture: Tesco)

Chocolate lovers, can I have your attention please. Tesco is selling a giant Jaffa Cake cheesecake and it looks absolutely incredible.

Oh, and it only costs a quid.

The cake is made up of baked orange filling on a sponge base, with a rich chocolate topping, like a giant Jaffa Cake but with orange flavoured cream cheese mousse instead of the jelly filling.

(Picture: Tesco)

Its supposed to serve six people but come on, nobody wants to share a giant Jaffa Cake.

And anyway – whos sharing when they only cost £1 each?

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As mentioned above, the cheesecake is available in Tesco. It usually costs £2 but its on offer until 27 August.

So, you have exactly 19 days to stock up on as many as possible.

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