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Sony Pictures Television Reveals International Territory Heads After Global Reshuffle

Sony Pictures Television has revealed the senior international execs that will lead the business as it moves towards a territory management model.

The Hollywood studio has named the “first wave of leaders” to run many of its major territories, while it is still searching for an exec to run the UK. Monica Veiga and Nathascha Rengifo will lead the Latin American business, excluding Mexico and Brazil, Phil King is in charge of Canada, Dai Huang will lead China, Noemie Weisse will boss France and Zelda Stewart is in charge in Italy.

This comes after Sony Pictures TV chairman Mike Hopkins reorganized a number of areas of the company, mostly on the distribution side. After folding home video into worldwide distribution under Keith Le Goy in February, Hopkins now added global networks operations, which had been reporting directly to him, to Le Goys portfolio. The combined global networks/worldwide distribution/home entertainment unit will operate in a territory management model; under which regional heads will have oversight of TV and home entertainment distribution, as well as SPT-owned networks in their respective territories.

This comes after naming its regional leaders, with Mark Young leading Western Europe, John Rossiter running CEEMA, Ken Lo overseeing the APAC region and Alex Marin overseeing operations in Lat Am and Canada.

LeGoy, in a memo to staff, said, “As announced last month, we are moving to a new territory management model which brings together, under a single local leader, businesses that have been historically separate, giving us the ability to make smart, strategic business decisions.

“With this new leadership structure, we have already seen increased collaboration and the generation of great ideas driving our business forward. From innovations in how we work across SPHE windows to developing new revenue share models around the world with AXN, we can already see meaningful early wins.”

He added that the regional and country leaders will be giving more details in the coming days and weeks and will also reveal details of its centralized teams and its new direct-to-consumer unit. “We look forward to even more positive developments as we continue to work together to achieve future growth,” he said.

Country leaders:

France: Noemie Weisse
Germany: Andreas Ditter
Italy: Zelda Stewart
Spain: Jorge Lezaun
Nordics/Benelux: Louise Emblem
Africa: Kunle Falodun
Central & Eastern Europe: Damian Newton
Russia: Irina Panfilova
Middle East: Ziad Yaghi
Australia & New Zealand: Robbie Lanier
China: Dai Huang
Japan: Masao Takiyama
Canada: Phil King
Mexico: Ramon Garcia
Brazil: Jefferson Pugsley
Latin America (excluding Mexico & Brazil): Monica Veiga and Nathascha Rengifo

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