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Throw everything else out -Realisation Pars Naomi leopard skirt is the summer must-have

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Throw everything else out - this leopard skirt is the summer must-have

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Youve got to love multifaceted clothing. The kind of thing you can wear to a fancy dinner party and then throw it on when youre sightseeing.

Now that summer is finally in full swing, youll want to make the most of it with bold prints and plenty of eye-catching colour.

The Naomi Wild Skirt, by Australian cult brand Realisation Par, does exactly that.

The leopard print design has been a hit with us ordinary folk as well as models and bloggers who are sharing their snaps all over Instagram.

Described as the easy 90s slip skirt that has a wild side, the midi skirt can be paired with high heels for a formal look or dressed down with trainers for a casual one.



The Australian label certainly knows how to cater to the masses and are no stranger to viral fame after their Alexandra dress did the rounds.

The polka dot black and white dress was donned by Oscar-nominated actress Margot Robbie and was naturally loved by fans everywhere.

Now the Naomi Wild Skirt is havings its moment, so much so, that a second release of the stock was launched and sold out within the same day.

If the wild and free skirt has got your attention, then dont worry, itll be restocked again soon, but you might have to stick around the laptop once it does.

Fans on the brands Instagram page can hardly contain their excitement. One user wrote: This skirt is everything while others counted down the days till the next drop of stock.

French fashion blogger Anne Laure Mais who loves all things leopard has been teasing her followers with the silky satin high-waisted skirt, complete with an elastic band.

If you are on the lookout for it, itll cost you a bit more than the standard skirt, at $180 (£137). You can get it here.

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