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CNN Allows F-Word On-Air In Taped Interview With Newsroom Shooting Survivor

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CNN tonight made a conscious decision to air an uncensored expletive during Anderson Coopers taped interview with two survivors of the horrific shooting at a newspaper in Annapolis, MD.

“Understandably, some of their descriptions are emotional, and there is some strong language,” Cooper said on AC360 during his intro for a replay of an earlier call with Capital Gazette staff writers Phil Davis and Selene San Felice, who were hiding under desks as the shooting happened around them. The “strong language” came at the end of 15-minute interview, when San Felice was talking about how shed heard that President Donald Trump had tweeted his “thoughts and prayers” to the shooting victims and their families.

“I just dont know what I want right now, right?” she said in a shaky voice. “But Im gonna need more than a couple days of news coverage and some thoughts and prayers because its — our whole lives have been shattered. And so thanks for your prayers, but couldnt give a f*ck about them if theres nothing else.”

Coopers expression didnt change, but he immediately wrapped the interview. And there was no mention of the expletive when he returned live to toss to commercial.

CNN did not respond to Deadlines request for comment.

If you didnt see the interview on CNN, Cooper tweeted the last portion of it, including the expletive:

“Ive heard that Pres. Trump sent his prayers. Im not trying to make this political right? But we need more than prayers… I want your prayers but I want something else.”

Capital Gazette writer Selene San Felice says her life has been "shattered" after witnessing the attack pic.twitter.com/mUwVZBjpmo

— Anderson Cooper 360° (@AC360) June 29, 2018

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