Someones made rainbow glitter pizza

Someone's made rainbow glitter pizza
(Picture: Instagram/dagwoodspizza)

Glitter makes many things better.

A birthday card for someone you hate (good luck picking specks of sparkle off yourself, pal). Festivals. Hair gel.

Equally, there are some things that are magical enough without throwing glitter on em.

Vaginas (dont put glitter capsules in your vagina). Sex. Sleep. Pizza.

We know this truth, and yet people keep rebelling against the laws of nature and putting glitter where it does not need to be.

In the case of DagWoods, an Italian restaurant in Santa Monica, thats pizza.

The restaurant is now selling pizza thats rainbow tinted and sprinkled with edible glitter, creating a colourful, shimmering eating experience.

Despite the rainbow design, the pizza isnt intentionally Pride themed, but it has come back after a hiatus (it initially launched as a limited edition menu item in December) just in time for June.

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The pizza has circles of pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple glitter, all a little subtle and faded so youre not biting into a full-on rainbow.

Oh, and it shouldnt taste as sweet as standard glittery rainbow fare. According to those whove tried it, it tastes just like a regular cheese pizza. the glitter is purely decorative.

Of course, that means that the glitter is entirely unnecessary to your enjoyment of the pizza, but as with most food crazes, its clearly been designed for the Gram.

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Youll need to head to Santa Monica to try the pizza yourself, but you can always make your own at home by ordering a delivery pizza and throwing on whatever decorations you can find in the supermarkets baking section.

Please dont just stick on any glitter you have lying around. If its not explicitly edible, it shouldnt go in your mouth.

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