Deadpool 2 trailer: Five key takeaways

Written by Kshitij Rawat | New Delhi | Published: March 23, 2018 10:26 am Deadpool 2 will release on May 18.Related News

Everybody’s favourite smutty mutant is returning to the big screens soon. In the meantime, we have another trailer to enjoy. When even standalone movies like Thor: Ragnarok have temporary team-ups, it was about time Deadpool will also have one. It is called X-Force. Yes, it is a little derivative, and the anti-hero knows that. “You’re absolutely right,” he replies to Domino when she wonders aloud. The trailer also gives its villain, Cable, a motive. But more on that later. Here are the top takeaways from the latest Deadpool 2 trailer.


The superhero, or should I say mutant, team-up you did not know you needed. It is called X-Force, and is only marginally less derivative from Thor: Ragnarok’s Revengers. The aim to make this team is to protect the kid that Cable is trying to kill. In what may be the only serious piece of dialogue, Wade Wilson is like, “I can’t let Cable kill this kid, but I cannot do it alone.” The team, apart from Deadpool, consists of other mutants like Domino, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Bedlam, and so on.

teenage warhead in deadpool 2 trailer


Josh Brolin, with his bulk and solidly built body, makes for a good bad guy. He is also playing the main villain in MCU, Thanos, and will fight the Avengers et al in the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War. As Cable, his casting is about right. Thanks to the trailer, we know that he has come back from the future to kill a kid, who is also a mutant. The kid is played by Hunt for the Wilder People’s Julian Dennison. “I’m here for the kid,” Cable warns Deadpool. “Move or die.” Deadpool, however, is determined to protect the tiny mutant.

josh brolin deadpool 2

Highly self-referential

Deadpool is probably the only comic-book movie apart from the Lego Batman Movie that is self-referential to the point of being a parody of itself. During a fist-fight, Deadpool pauses the fight and asks the camera whether one of his punches were shot in slow-motion. Remember that bridge fight scene in the original? It seems like there would be more such ‘pauses’ in the sequel as well. At one point he demands that the members of his “super-duper-f**** group” X-Force are young enough to carry their own franchises. As I have said it before, it the film screws up somewhere, for instance in writing, Deadpool can just say, “Well, that’s just bad writing,” like he did in the first trailer.

 Zazie Beetz as domino

Domino is awesome

Zazie Beetz seems superb as Domino, and I personally want to see more of her. She is young, and still manages to talk like a jaded warrior. In short, she kicks ass. “God, I wish I finished college,” she quips.

deadpool 2 still

Gore and humour

Deadpool 2 promises lots of blood. The trailer is, pardon me, spattered with scenes that suggest there may be more detailed views of human innards than even the original. Deadpool was also noted for its gallows humour. The sequel will almost certainly make its predecessor blush with shame if the trailer is any indication. Even the kid does not hesitate to flash both his middle-fingers, perhaps at Deadpool himself.

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