Starbucks is offering psychedelic colour-changing drinks that look almost too pretty to drink

Starbucks is offering colour-changing drinks that look almost too pretty to drink
(Picture: Starbucks)

Starbucks is always trying new things.

And more often than not, they’re pretty awesome looking.

The coffee giants will now be selling cold brews that change colour as amethyst, brown, and white sauces swirl around the cup.

And like always, it’s pretty Insta-worthy.

But because they have all the best things, the psychedelic drink will only be available from today in Asia, where Starbucks also released the millennial pink latte.

The Butterfly Pea Lemonade Cold Brew looks as delightful as it sounds.

As you stir the Lemonade Cold Brew, the colors mix together, creating an almost galaxy-like effect.

Think iced coffee when you mix in milk, but on a much bigger, prettier level.

And if you’re wondering how the effect is created, it’s due to the Butterfly Pea Flower. Remember blue matcha that everybody on Instagram was crazy about?

It’s the same stuff put into the lemonade but the tea, which is actually blue, reacts with the citrus and turns violet, because science.

The tea powder is certainly versatile as we’ve seen the popularity of its colour-changing abilities in cocktails, but it’s the first time we’ve seen it in coffee, and used by a major chain.

Cappucinos are geting an upgrade too. The Macadamia Cocoa Cappuccino infuses espresso and milk foam with macadamia cocoa sauce, then tops it off with crumbled macadamias, graham crackers, and a nutty chocolate drizzle.

It’s basically coffee and dessert in a cup.

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But if the fruity-floral and nutty-chocolatey coffee isn’t enough for some reason, there’s also the Tahitian Vanilla Macchiato.

Made from freshly steamed milk with vanilla syrup marked with espresso, and topped with sweet Fior di Latte sauce and finished with Tahitian Vanilla Sugar, the drink looks something like a Jackson Pollock painting. If it was in coffee form.

Let’s hope they come to the UK asap.

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