Dynasty review – fracking hell! It’s back … and even more berserk than before

The oil! The outfits! Joan Collins! The most OTT soap ever aired returns to our screens after 36 years away … and it could be the camp slice of fun we all need

The original premiere of Dynasty aired in 1981. It lasted three hours and was called Oil. The decision not to add an exclamation mark after that was the first and last moment of restraint the most 80s of all 80s soaps ever showed. By the end of the three hours, badger-headed patriarch and oil(!) tycoon Blake Carrington had married his former secretary Krystle, beaten a rival oil-rigger, tried to marry off his Headstrong Daughter Fallon (to give her full title) to a cousin to bring about a merger with rival ColbyCo, and everyone had hit their hysterical marks without disturbing a hair on their uber-coiffed heads. Then just 12 episodes later, Joan Collins arrived.

The bar for this reboot, then, is magnificently high. Can the team in charge – The OC and Gossip Girl creators Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage developed the project, while the creators of ur-Dynasty itself Richard and Esther Shapiro are attached as producers – deliver? Let’s redo our lipgloss, clip on our diamond earrings and find out!

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