Phillip Schofield had a ‘bum like a dragon’s nostril’ after eating world’s hottest crisp

Phillip Schofield had a 'bum like a dragon's nostril' after eating world's hottest crisp
Phil was pretty graphic with the repercussion (Picture: ITV)

Phillip Schofield has admitted that his ‘bum was like a dragon’s nostril’ after becoming the first person on British television to take the challenge of eating the world’s hottest crisp.

The This Morning presenter took on the challenge on Tuesday morning but a day later he revealed that it took ‘three hours’ for his body to feel ‘back to normal’ and that his editor sent a paramedic to check on him.

Schofield put himself forward for a taste of the single Carolina Reaper chip that is made using the world’s hottest pepper; the Guinness Book of World Records rates it as the hottest chili on Earth.

He kept it in his mouth for eight minutes, but revealed that he drank a lot of milk after – and it was also the only remedy that the paramedic could offer as well.

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‘My whole body was saying, “what the hell did you do and why?” and by about 3.30pm I was pretty much back to normal,’ he said before co-host Holly Willoughby asked: ‘And then did you get revisited by it at all?

‘We all want to know but you don’t have to be graphic!’

‘Suffice to say, bum like a dragon’s nostril,’ he concluded.

Phillip Schofield had a 'bum like a dragon's nostril' after eating world's hottest crisp
Holly was very amused (Picture: ITV)

During Tuesday’s show, Phil explained how he had to wear rubber gloves to unpack the spicy savoury snack, and while his initial reaction wasn’t out of the ordinary, Phillip began to cough as he tried to explain how he was feeling, which left us all feeling kinda concerned for the 55-year-old.

‘It starts off with a chilli flavour and then it gets hotter and hotter and hotter,’ he explained. ‘It’s really very painful. ‘My tongue is really really on fire and it’s getting worse. It’s building.’

But he refused the aide of ice cream or milk in order to set a world record, the trooper. And he had earned himself the title by viewers as the ‘ninja of daytime TV’, confirming that he had held off without a drink for eight whole minutes.

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