The End of the F***ing World review – a binge-worthy comedy about teen nihilists on the run

It’s so dark that you can barely make out the humour at all – and yet this adaptation of Charles Forsman’s comic is totally convincing. Plus, meditations from a monastery, and a return to the site of the Calais refugee camp

It’s hard to decide who is more likable, James or Alyssa, in The End of the F***ing World (Channel 4). No, maybe likable’s not quite right. James thinks he’s a psychopath, and it’s difficult to disagree. At 17, he has already killed a load of animals, ranging in size from butterflies to cats, and he remembers every single one. Now he wants to kill something bigger – someone bigger, in fact. He once put his hand in a deep fat fryer, just to feel something.

Alyssa feels a lot. Sometimes everything feels too much and she has to lie down, “and see the blue or the grey or the black, and I feel myself melting into it, and for, like, a split second I feel free and happy, like a dog or an alien, or a baby”.

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