The Tonight Show: Dr. Evil Tells Jimmy Fallon Hes Running For Congress: “Evil Is In!”

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Jimmy Fallon had an unexpected guest on Monday nights episode of The Tonight Show: Dr. Evil. The Austin Powers villain also unveiled another surprise: hes running for Congress…a great bit of news one day before midterm elections.

After being surprised by Dr. Evil (who we all know is played by Mike Myers) via satellite, Fallon asked, “Dr. Evil, is that you?”

“No, its white Cory Booker,” Evil said snidely.

After announcing that he was running for Congress, Fallon continue to ask why he is running to which Evil answered, “Havent you been following the news? Its 2018! Evil is in! Its hip. Its like playing Fortnite while slamming Tide pods and doing the Shiggy Challenge.”

He said that he was looking to take Brett Kavanaughs job but Trump said he “was too even-tempered for that.”

Dr. Evil running for Congress is great and all, but what state would he represent? As Fallon points out, he lives in a secret layer.

“I do, but its in Rhode Island,” Evil revealed.

Myers has a very comedic history of dressing up as characters and many of them, like Dr. Evil, have since become staples in pop culture. The SNL alum can currently be seen — and is almost unrecognizable — in Bohemian Rhapsody as EMI record executive Ray Foster.

Watch The Tonight Show clip below.

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