Jimmy Kimmel Debunks Notion Of A “Hopelessly Divided America”

Heading into midterm elections day, Jimmy Kimmel opened his late-night show debunking pundit talk of how “hopelessly divided America is.”

Culling from polls conducted by Quinnipiac, Washington Post, Pew Research, and CNBC, among others, Kimmel showed majorities on a variety of hot button issues: 87% of Americans want to protect Social Security, 83% support net neutrality, 97% support universal background checks, and 59% believe the country needs to do more to fight climate change.

“Take a look at that. That doesnt look so divided to me,” Kimmel argued, standing in front of a full-screen of poll results picked to prove his point. “Thats divided the same way Donald Trump divides a buck of chicken: Four for me, one for you.”

“This is what Americans believe,” Kimmel said, telling viewers, “You should vote for a candidate who believes in those things too, instead of just picking an R or a D.”

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