Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Faces the Wrath of Actual Satanists

Chilling Adventures of Sabrinas most chilling piece of set decoration has tempted Satans wrath. The Satanic Temple—a nontheistic religious group based, aptly enough, in Salem, Massachusetts—has promised legal action over the shows statue of a goat deity named Baphomet, which the temple claims is a rip-off of its own monument. And now, the temples legal adviser claims to have sent a demand letter to Netflix and Warner Bros., which produces the drama.

The large Baphomet statue is a frequent sight upon Sabrina Spellmans journey to her new magic school, the Academy of Unseen Arts, but apparently actual Satanists arent too thrilled with what they see as a familiar sight. Over the weekend, Satanic Temple co-founder Lucien Greaves tweeted, “Yes, we are taking legal action regarding #TheChillingAdventuresofSabrina appropriating our copyrighted monument design to promote their asinine Satanic Panic fiction.” And on Wednesday, the Satanic Temples legal adviser, Stuart de Haan, shared the portion of a demand letter he claims to have sent to Netflix and Warner Bros. with The Hollywood Reporter.

“By way of background, my client is struggling to overcome centuries of stigma surrounding their religious symbolism,” the letter says, per T.H.R. “My client has expended considerable efforts in the design and creation of their particular expression of Baphomet, the goat-headed deity represented by this monument. This statue is an original work and, until now, has been associated exclusively with the Satanic Temple all around the world. This has deep religious significance to my clients organization.”

Greaves also posted a comparison on Twitter:

According to T.H.R., the Satanic Temple wants any advertisements including the shows monument taken down, for the likenesss use to be discontinued, and for Netflix and Warner Bros. to provide an explanation of how their shows monument was created. Representatives for Netflix and Warner Bros. did not immediately respond to V.F.s request for comment.

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