Marvel at this 14-year-old baker who creates incredible cakes

(Picture: ryanwilsonbakes/Instagram)

You only need to spend a few minutes on Instagram before you find a post of some seriously impressive food.

But Ryan Wilsons cakes are something special.

Ryan is a self-taught baker who uses Instagram to share the spectacular creations hes made.

And hes only 14 years old.

While most of us struggle to put together store-bought dessert mixes, Ryan has been (proficiently) dabbling in the stuff since he was a kid.

The teen, from San Francisco, California, spoke to about his delicious-looking bakes.

Heres Ryan (Picture: Ryan Wilson)

When I was eight years old I was given an Easy Bake Oven as a present, he said. Once that became too easy I started using the oven. I learned from watching TV shows on the Food Network and YouTube.

The best part of the process is sharing my creations with my friends and followers, and making step-by-step tutorials where viewers can see its easier to do than they think!

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I would say my favourite right now is my M&Ms gravity-defying cake. My friends love my bakes, they get samples all the time.

Ryans fave; M&Ms gravity-defying cake (Picture: Ryan Wilson)

The whole process of putting together the cake, complete with icing and decorations, plus filming takes Ryan about six to eight hours.

Ryan shows behind the scenes footage of filming his tutorials and shares his recipes with his 73,000 followers.

He also has a YouTube channel for the same purpose, with longer videos.

(Picture: Ryan Wilson)

Hes clearly not shy in front of the camera and has made several American TV appearances including Kids Baking Championship, Sugar Showdown, and Home & Family.

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Culinary school is now on the horizon for Ryan and he told he wants to become a Food Network TV chef one day.

We can totally see that happening.

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