Love Islands Kieran Nicholls wishes hed grafted on Georgia Steel more

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Love Island's Kieran Nicholls wishes he'd grafted on Georgia Steel more

Kieran and Idris have been dumped (Picture: ITV)

Kieran Nicholls has been booted out of the Love Island villa after not getting any where with new girl Alexandra Cane.

Kieran and fellow new boy Idris Virgo were out on their ears after Alexandra decided to couple up with Alex George.

Admitting he was disappointed that Alexandra didnt choose him, Kieran said Alex is a legend and that he wishes he had got to know Georgia a bit better.

After leaving the villa, he was asked if there was anyone he wanted to crack on with.

Kieran replied: Before I went into the villa, I wouldnt normally have gone for Georgia but she put in a lot of effort to make me feel welcome and I got along with her and thought Id like to take her on a date. Her confidence made me want to get to know her more.



Kaz is more my type in terms of looks but her and Josh are like a match made in heaven. They really are going to grow into a strong couple.

Love Island's Kieran Nicholls wishes he'd grafted on Georgia Steel more

Kieran tried to graft on Georgia in the villa (Picture: ITV)

I got on with Alexandra and wish shed chosen me in the recoupling and given me a chance to get into a couple with her. I wanted to spend time with her without Alex and Idris grafting her at the same time.

Alex is an absolute legend, hes really funny. I wish Alexandra coupled up with me but if she genuinely feels something towards Alex then fair enough. Im glad theyre getting on and they do share the same interests. There is loads they have in common.

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When if there was anyone he didnt think was being genuine, Kieran said: No one, the couples all seem very genuine. Jack and Dani are solid, Georgia and Sam are taking things slow but are good. Kaz and Josh are a match made in heaven and now Megan and Wes are in a relationship, they make a great couple as well!

Love Island continues Sunday at 9pm on ITV2

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