Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 13 Teaser & Key Art: Dennis, Is That You?


Dont look to todays Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia tweets — with new key art and a teaser promo — for answers on whether Glenn Howertons Dennis will be on the show when it returns September 5 for Season 13 on FXX.

But there are clues on this Friday the 13th. Sorta.

In the new key art, Sunnys Charlie Day, Rob McElhenney, Danny DeVito and Kaitlin Olson are pictured, in slasher-flick style, running terrified from a secluded cabin. In the background, on the cabin porch, is an ax-wielding, hockeymask-wearing maniac. Could the Jason Voorhees wannabe be the gangs Dennis?

Very possibly, given Dennis well-established sociopathic tendencies and serial killer fantasies. But more to the point, does his background placement signal a reduction in Howertons presence on the comedy? The actors NBC sitcom A.P. Bio was renewed in May for a second season.

We already know that Sunnys upcoming season picks up from 2017s Season 12 cliffhanger, when Dennis bid goodbye to the Paddys Pub gang after learning that hed fathered a baby boy during a layover in North Dakota. The official FXX synopsis for Season 13 has Mac (McElhenney), Charlie (Day), Dee (Olson) and Frank (DeVito) back, as always, at Paddys Pub, while Howertons Dennis “takes on the new role of father in North Dakota.”

The teaser tweeted today (watch it below) doesnt help much either, showing only the shows recurring characters, with the message: “After 12 seasons we have a lot of stories to tell.” The promo shows, campfire-style, Gregory Scott Cummins as Macs dad Luther, Artemis Pebdanis Artemis, Lynne Marie Stewart as Charlies mom Bonnie, Andrew Friedman as Charlies Uncle Jack, Lance Barbers Bill Ponderosa, Thesy Surfaces Margaret McPoyle, Mary Elizabeth Ellis Waitress and Sandy Martin as Macs mom.

The clip starts as the camera zooms past someones shoulder before Cummins begins his tale. Dennis? Nah. On closer inspection, the shoulder seems to belong to Macs mom, suggesting the camera is moving in a round-the-campfire way.

Take a look:

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