EastEnders spoilers: What did Stuart Halfway do to Tina Carter? Horror torture truth revealed

EastEnders reveals that Stuart tortured Tina in a horrific attack
(Picture: BBC)

Tina Carter has opened up about a devastating attack she was subjected to in her early 20s when evil Stuart Highway tortured her in an extended and traumatic chain of abuse. Tina had put the ordeal out of her head but Stuart deliberately triggered it during a night out by asking a DJ to play a song that left Tina shaken.

Sonia Fowler could see that Tina was upset in the cafe and took her home and this led to Tina opening up about what she remembered – as kids, they all used to play a game called Torturer in which each person would be subjected to things like chinese burns and wedgies in order to give up a secret letter they were given.

But Tina always stood strong as the only girl – even when Stuart went further than the others. Fast forward a few years and Stuart told Tina he could never break her. When a drunk Mick ended up going home, Stuart promised to look after Tina but he did the opposite.

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Tina found herself tied up and gagged in the boot of the car which was sped around, leaving her claustrophobic and petrified. As she felt sick, disorientated and deeply frightened, Stuart then went further by setting a fire to make Tina believe the car was being torched and she was going to die.

The intense and prolonged torturous event left Tina shaken to the core and now, she has vowed not to let Stuart get away with his deplorable crime. With Sonia encouraging her to go to the police, Tina will next week confide in her family and Linda instantly believes her.

Tina revealed Stuart tortured her in EastEnders
(Picture: BBC)

While Mick has more trouble with it, he knows deep down what Stuart is capable and will be left seething with rage by what he did to her.

But are the Carters attracting more danger by trying to take Stuart down? And is there more terror on the horizon for Tina?

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