Emmerdale spoilers: Killer Lachlan White leaves Robert Sugden and Liv Flaherty to die next week

Lachlan leaves Liv and Robert to die in horror Emmerdale scenes
(Picture: ITV)

Evil Emmerdale killer Lachlan White is set to take some terrible action next week in what could be his most horrific rampage yet – and thats saying something. Having already killed mum Chrissie and grandfather Lawrence in a car crash and then murdered best pal Gerry Roberts in cold blood, Lachlan is an unstoppable killing machine, intent on dispatching anyone that threatens his life and future with Belle Dingle.

And it seems that this taste for murder has no limits. Just days after intently approaching con man Terry with murderous intent, Lachlan realises that he has made a mistake when it comes to identifying the mystery person who is sending him threatening texts.

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Lachlan watches Rebecca in Emmerdale
(Picture: ITV)

When he gets a message and spots Liv Flaherty hammering away on her phone, his expression darkens and he heads into Mill Cottage to cause a gas leak, while also putting the carbon monoxide detector out of action.

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He then slips out, satisfied that he has finished off Liv and also Robert Sugden, who is resting on the sofa. But what he isnt counting on is that he has also put baby Seb at risk – when Rebecca tells him in conversation that Seb is spending the day with Robert, he panics and rushes back.

As he enters the gas filled house, he is confronted by a groggy and disoriented Liv. Angrily pushing her aside, Lachlan causes her to hit her head and she is out cold as she continues to inhale the deadly fumes.

Looking over a lifeless Liv and Robert, Lachlan is confident that the task is complete and heads out – only to bump into Rebecca who starts to realise that he is up to no good. So now Lachlan has to deal with her too! Is the working day of an unhinged serial killer never done?

Brandishing a spanner, Lachlan bundles Rebecca into the boot of his car and hides the bloodied weapon. But is she dead and will Lachlan really get away with putting three more lives at risk?

Lachlan leaves Liv and Robert to die in horror Emmerdale scenes
(Picture: ITV)

And will Robert and Liv remember what has happened – if indeed they even survive this latest ordeal…?

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