Bill Maher Decries Playing The “Clean Out Your Desk Card” In Post-Roseanne World


Bill Maher isnt quite over the “removal of Roseanne” and Donald Trumps demand that TBS fire Samantha Bee. “Im not saying there arent some instances where some people have to go, but really for free speech this has become a terrifying time in American history. Like when Canada burned down the White House.”

In the New Rules segment of tonights Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO, the host lashed out at liberals and conservatives alike for becoming “too comfortable playing the Clean Out Your Desk card,” then lashed out specifically at liberals for thinking that “hollow” cultural victories were comparable to the actual victories being made by Trump and the Republicans in Congress.

“Yes, you disappeared Roseanne,” Maher jabbed, “and sent a strong message to all the other racist TV stars who suffer from multiple personality disorders.”

Liberals, he said, have lost “the House, the Senate, the White House, the Supreme Court and Kanye.” While conservatives “cut their own taxes, rip up the safety net and make coal a vegetable, we get to banish actors.”

Among the “hollow victories” Maher found in recent headlines: “Jim Carrey Bestows Scott Pruitt With Savage Nickname In Latest Painting.” Mocked Maher, “Ooh, thatll show him.”

Another internet story: “Mila Kunis Expertly Trolls Mike Pence” on social media. “Mike Pence thinks Mila Kunis is a Greek dessert – he doesnt know who that is.”

“Conservatives,” Maher said, “govern without shame and liberals shame without governing.”

A few more examples: In 10 years the Tea Party has risen to control the government, while liberals “made TripAdvisor stop advertising on the Laura Ingraham show.

And, “While we were putting vaginas in formerly male movies,” Maher said, while the screen showed the poster for the all-female Oceans 8, conservatives “were putting dicks” in Congress.

And finally, while Republicans succeeded in “suppressing the minority vote in 34 states, Meryl Streep got off an epic burn at the Golden Globes.”

Liberals, he chided, control the culture. “But wouldnt you rather control the borders?”

Deadline will post video of the New Rules segment when it becomes available. Check back…

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