America Covers The Royal Wedding


Heres how United States news outlets are covering the Royal Wedding. Refresh for latest:

6:54 AM: Queen Elizabeth is wearing acid green and purple; CNN declares it fabulous. You would never think Prince Phillip had just had hip surgery and he is 96 years old. Despite earlier chatter on broadcast networks about Meghan Markle being American-bride late, this is running British Royal-y on schedule, CNN declares.

6:35 AM: Prince Harry arrives, with his brother. “Hes got the beard!” CBS News Gayle King raves. Explained to her there was no chance he was going to wear spongebag pants and morning coat. Hes a military man. Wedding guests told they could not wear swords and no medals but Prince William has made up for that and more with his outfit.

6:30 AM: NBC, CBS and ABC are in a death match for most shots of Serena Williams, George and Amal Clooney, Elton John and James Corden. Also some sightings of Victoria and David Beckham.

6:15 AM: ABC News wonders whether Markle is playing Uptown Funk or the British national anthem in the Rolls Royce en route. American journalists in their coverage wonder if we know where Markle and Prince Harry are going on their honeymoon, while their Brit correspondents shoot back “No and I hope we dont find out. Its their private time.”

6:05 AM: NBC News reports newlywed royals did not get privacy in Iceland in Middle Ages, where five people from court including one lawyer had to watch the marriage being consummated. Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb erupt in laughter. Savannah says its a bit of luck for us that things have changed, a view maybe not shared by TMZ. Savannah wonders why people arent talking about what Queen Elizabeth is going to wear. Brit expert says she is always monochromatic, wears a “cake-like hat” and a dress that is weighted at the bottom so it does not fly up in a breeze. TMI.

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