SMILF Creator/Star Frankie Shaw: “This Season Gets Weirder And Darker” – The Contenders Emmys

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Third up on ABC Studios Contenders Panels was SMILF creator/star Frankie Shaw, an actress who cultivated a Showtime series out of a short film she had directed.

Speaking to TVLines Michael Ausiello, Shaw teased whats to come in the ten-episode second season of the often-surreal, lyrical series, following the dating escapades of a single mother. “This season gets weirder and darker. Were dealing with identity and the masks we wear to present ourselves to the world. And who are we when we take the mask off?” Shaw explained. “Were two months into the writers room, and we start shooting this summer in Boston.”

During the panel, Shaw discussed the hoops she had to jump through to gain the networks trust and maintain authorship over her own series, as well as the exciting level of opportunity available for creators in todays entertainment climate. “It was like baby steps, and I feel like I kept having to prove myself. It wasnt carte blanche from the beginning,” Shaw said of her relationship with Showtime. “[But] theyre very collaborative at Showtime—theyre incredible for trusting me and giving me this opportunity.”

“I feel like at no other time in history would I have been given a show like this on a premium cable network,” the actress continued, touching also on her love of directing, and Rosie ODonnells standout work on the series. “Its an amazing time were all in.”

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