So, how about having some millennial pink lettuce for lunch?

So, how about having some millennial pink lettuce for lunch?
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Ever get the feeling that salad is distinctly unphotogenic?

Well, friends, hold on to your filters because pink lettuce is doing the salad bowl rounds and it’s as if it was made for Instagram.

Restaurants in NYC and London have recently started offering salads made with pink lettuce.

The bright pink leaves are Radicchio del Veneto, AKA La Rosa del Veneto, and while traditional chichory is purple, this particular variety is a light rose pink, thanks to special growing techniques.

It’s most commonly grown in Veneto (hence the name) but it’s also grown in California and Pennsylvania.

Farmers arrange the plants to grow mainly in the dark where sunlight can’t reach the stem – and it’s that that stops the leaves from darkening.

And if you want to know what the stuff looks like before being shredded and dressed in olive oil, chef Julia Sherman has shared a photo of an intact pink chicory:

In fact, Julia’s been sharing quite a few odes to pink chicory…

As have others…

Because these leaves are too pretty not to Instagram

Regardless of what they taste like

But if you are intrigued, Eater says that the leaves taste like ‘slightly bitter, slightly sweet chicory, more subtle than your standard radicchio and closer in texture and flavour to Castelfranco leaves’.

Whatever that means.

Point is, if you’re sick of eating bowls of green rabbit food, get yourself a load of pink leaves.

Art in salad form.

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