McDonald’s has launched a Big Brekkie Burger – but it’s not available in the UK

McDonald's has launched a Big Brekkie Burger - but it's not available in the UK

McDonald’s chains in Australia have just launched the Big Brekkie Burger and we’re so ready to pack up our stuff and book a flight over there to try it.

According to McDonald’s Australia, the burger features a ‘warm, crisp hash brown sandwiched between melting cheese, rasher bacon and a freshly cracked egg’.

It’s finished with 100% Aussie beef patty and a dollop of BBQ sauce in between a toasted sesame seed bun. Yum.

McDonald's has launched a Big Brekkie Burger - but it's not available in the UK

Obviously, for us Brits, this isn’t great news because it’s not available here. And, a spokesperson for McDonald’s tells they have no plans to give it to us at all. *sob*.

If you are lucky enough to be going to Australia any time soon, the burger is only available in selected restaurants, and you can only get it until 10:30am each morning.

So far, the breakfast in a bun has been a big hit, with Twitter users practically gushing over it

What are McDonalds trying to do to me ? Big Brekkie burger looks like heaven ?

— Chloe Alexander (@CLOweeee_) February 21, 2018

That Big Brekkie Burger looks unreal ?

— Joel Attwood (@JoelAttwood94) February 20, 2018

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And of course, UK citizens have been pleading with McDonald’s to bring it over here:

@McDonaldsUK Dudes, we need the Big Brekkie Burger in the UK now! Yours Sincerely, literally everyone!

— Graham Stallard (@Graham452) February 21, 2018

Excuse me @McDonaldsUK i have seen a clip of a Big Brekkie Burger being sold by yourselves in australia, we need this over here tout suite

— Gripper (@Gripper2502) February 21, 2018

As mentioned above, there are no plans for the Big Brekkie Burger to make it into UK restaurants.

Petition to get them to change their minds, anyone?

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