John Barnes leaves Celebrity Big Brother in shock backdoor eviction

John Barnes leaves Celebrity Big Brother in shock backdoor eviction
Goodbye John (Picture: Channel 5)

John Barnes has been evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house by the female housemates.

The girls were told by Big Brother to make the decision between former footballer John and Daniel O’Reilly, aka Dapper Laughs, after they won the Battle Of The Sexes task.

The eviction was one of the show’s infamous backdoor evictions, in which the celebrity does not get a welcome from the public and host Emma Willis is not on hand to discuss their time in the show.

‘I have to speak for the women,’ said Malika Haqq, ‘and this is not easy for us to do at all and with the heaviest heart we have to say goodbye to John.’

‘And the reason for that is because we know that John can take this, and we know he will go on and continue to do great things for himself and his family, and we believe Daniel still deserves a shot at winning CBB.’

John Barnes leaves Celebrity Big Brother in shock backdoor eviction
Malika was chosen by Big Brother to break the bad news (Picture: Channel 5)

As he said his goodbyes, he told the girls not to cry, admitting that he was ‘happy’.

Later he told Big Brother that he believed he was chosen to go as the girls got on with Dan better than him.

‘There are no hard feelings none whatsoever, you can see Ashley crying, and Malika, and people don’t cry that quickly if they are faking it.’

‘It’s back to battle of the sexes, men versus women,’ Emma had previously explained of the week’s tasks.

‘So the women have to pick two men that they want to possibly face eviction, and the men have to pick two women.’

She went on: ‘Then they battle out in teams to try and save their sex. If the women win, they have to choose one of those two they nominated to kick out the back door. ‘Or if the men win, they have to choose one of the women to go straight o

‘As much as they’re all likeable, it’s getting to them now – you’re starting to see [the cracks],’ she added.

‘You can either produce things to happen and make them crack or let them live in this really unreal environment and see what it does to people.’

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