Emmerdale spoilers: Joseph Tate causes the deaths of two children in horrifying revenge twist?

Joseph Tate causes the deaths of two children in horrifying Emmerdale revenge twist?
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The lives of the Dingles are thrown into utter turmoil in Emmerdale as Joseph Tate’s plan to take their land comes to fruition and their house is demolished. But little do the developers know that young Samson and Noah are inside and facing deadly danger.

Joe, who recently exposed his true identity to a stunned Debbie and Charity, is hosting a drinks reception at Home Farm and the Dingles are lured there on the pretence that they will be able to have their say on the revised golf course plans.

Debbie confronts Tom aka Joe in Emmerdale
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As members of the village attend the reception, Joe is caught off guard when he sees Debbie but he presses ahead with a speech. And the Dingles are oblivious to his ulterior motives for inviting them to the party.

A digger approaches the Dingles in Emmerdale
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Back at the house, Samson and Noah have snuck off from Chas and are playing with VR headsets in the cottage. They are so busy with their game that they don’t hear the building foreman knock on the door and, assuming the building to be empty, the builders press ahead with their digger.

Noah and Samson in danger in Emmerdale
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As the vehicle makes an impact, a wall collapses and bricks rain down on the frightened children. Has Joe’s plot led to the tragic deaths of Samson and Noah?

And have the Dingles lost way more than their home?

One to watch: Thursday 18th January at 7pm on ITV.

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