Winona Ryder’s acting comeback highlighted in divisive L’Oreal ad aired during Golden Globes

Winona Ryder's comeback highlighted in L'Oreal ad which divides Golden Globe viewers
Winona Ryder’s comeback just got compared to, er, split ends. (Picture: L’Oreal Paris)

While the events of the Golden Globes themselves sparked plenty of attention among US viewers, the ads made their mark too.

Or specifically one commercial which aired during the show on NBC – featuring Winona Ryder, split ends and talk of an acting comeback – which has seriously divided opinion among those who saw it.

In a year which gave us a seriously politically charged Globes – from the unofficial black dress code through to Oprah Winfrey’s emotionally-charged speech – the ad, for L’Oreal, saw the Stranger Things star more highlighting the not-so-serious issue of split ends.

The ad certainly began looking like it had something to say about the year’s events – as an actress in a black dress prepared to take to the stage while fussing with her hair, before being revealed as Ryder.

The clip continued by saying: ‘Everyone loves a comeback. Damaged hair deserves one too.’

OK, so it’s fair to say that Ryder’s identity remained a bit of a secret – but the ad proved pretty divisive – with some viewers not quite on board with the fact that Winona Ryder’s big acting comeback had been compared to damaged hair:

Did this L’Oréal commercial just compare Winona Ryder’s career to damaged hair?

— Hunter Heilman (@HungerHuman) January 8, 2018

Oh wtf, I thought Winona Ryder had gotten her own show but it was just a hair commercial using her career as a metaphor for…damaged ends? #goldenglobes

— Courtney D (@LayzyWriter) January 8, 2018

Am I the only one confused by the Winona Ryder commercial? Yeah L'Oreal, I do love a comeback, but how weird is it to boil her moment down to anxious fiddling with her hair as if having gloriously coiffed hair and not hard work is why we get to enjoy her brilliance again? #Ugh

— Emily (@LittleMissEmmyG) January 8, 2018

Others suggested it was just a little too frivolous in such a seriously-charged year for the Globes:

Okay, that L'Oreal/Winona commercial confused me. I thought i was watching something serious about the #MeToo movement and then – BAM! – hair product commercial. Way too extra just to shill shampoo.

— Alisha Grauso (@AlishaGrauso) January 8, 2018

Although in fairness some of you did like it:

I just SCREAMED at the reveal in the Winona Ryder hair care commercial. I hope it wins the Emmy for Best Drama. #GoldenGlobes

— itsonlyzach (@itsonlyzach) January 8, 2018

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