T.J. Miller, Accused Of Campus Sexual Assault In Early 2000s, Denies Claim


A woman accused former Silicon Valley star T.J. Miller of choking and sexually assaulting her while in college, alleged incidents that became the subject of a student conduct proceeding at George Washington University.

The alleged assaults reportedly took place in an off-campus residence in the early 2000s, while the woman attended undergraduate studies, according to the Daily Beast. The woman, who name has been withheld, accused the actor and stand-up comic of two episodes of sexual violence — details of which the publication says it independently corroborated.

“He just tried a lot of things without asking me, and at no point asked me if I was all right,” the woman told The Daily Beast. “He choke[d] me, and I kept staring at his face hoping he would see that I was afraid and [that he] would stop. … I couldn’t say anything.”

Miller has told friends over the years that he was wrongfully accused. He turned to Instagram today to refute the claims in a lengthy post, in which he said his accuser has seized on the climate of heightened awareness of sexual abuse in Hollywood to recirculate old “lies” in an effort to harm him and his wife, Kate Gorney.

“Sadly she is now using the current climate to bandwagon and launch these false accusations again,” Miller wrote on the social media platform. “It is unfortunate that she is choosing this route as it undermines the important movement to make women feel safe coming forward about legitimate claims against real known predators.”

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