Stephen Colbert Advises Donald Trump And Bob Corker As They Shred GOP


“I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention but internal strife is tearing the Republican party apart at the seams,” Stephen Colbert said of the internecine fighting that’s been simmering for a while but erupted into all-out war on Tuesday.

“It’s like a new Civil War, but neither side is trying to help black people,” Colbert described.

In a new segment called “Cork a Sock In It” – a name Colbert said was his ide before somebody else blamed him for it – he described how Corker fired the first shot, going on morning shows to blast Trump for debasing the country, saying he barely has a relationship with the truth. This triggered a Trump Twitter tantrum, in the course of which POTUS spelled Corker’s state “Tennesse.”

Corker previously called Trump’s White House an “adult day-care center” which Colbert took issue with, noting Trump needs a night shift, because he does things at night, like a raccoon. But Trump’s message also needs some work, Colbert said, advising “Quick tip: if you’re ripping a politician, it helps to spell the name of their state right.”


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